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Strategic Accomplishment Mapping

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download mind map 121847551.cdmz (mindmap file created by  ConceptDraw Office MINDMAP)

This is a mind map example built by me using ConceptDraw MINDMAP software. The map focuses on Strategic Accomplishment Mapping (SAM). The design of the map is to segregate tactical and strategic goals; and helps one focus the right amount of time and energy on strategic accomplishment. At the bottom of the map I have placed one of my favorite quotes from Will Rodgers that deals with SAM. ???Even if you??ôre on the right track, you??ôll get run over if you just sit there.??? You will find more information on how to use maps at http://mapthink.blogspot.com/. 
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Strategic Accomplishment Mapping for
2009 Department Goals
12% overall sales growth in 2009
24% channel sales growth in 2009
Find 3 new major accounts in 2009
How will what I do today will impact my goals?
Strategic Goals for Today
Determine final channel pricing and publish
Tactical Goals for Today
Finish Mary O'Martin review
Review new customer contract
Write memo on proper phone conduct
Active Projects listed by priority
Recruit Channel Partners 30 min/day
Meet on major account identification 1 hr/week
Senior Management Council
1 hr/week every Monday
11:00 Mary O'Martin
13:00 Sales Managers Meeting
14:00 New vendor proposal for sales training
Follow up
Call California ACME Reseller before noon on state of doing business and commitment 415-555-5647
Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. Will Rogers