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Our Mission
We believe that sharing your knowledge with others in the same important as to find out something new. The process of learning would have been impossible if other people didn‘t share their knowledge with others. The mankind would have never been able to evolve if man of great intellect didn‘t left their manuscripts, collected works for their pupils and followers. We are using this knowledge every day, when going at work or preparing food for example. We use them for further researches as our main mission is to develop this knowledge, keep researching and enrich this store of knowledge. Being great enthusiasts of this point of view we decided to create a place where you can not only find useful information for yourself, but also share any of your knowledge with others, no matter how important or minor it seems to you. Just think about how many people throughout the world are looking for your knowledge!

The Team of MindMapPedia
We believe passionately that any knowledge, any fact, any results of the research can be presented as a mind map. We created this library as a place where we want to gather these mind maps and this knowledge to let you use it within your work, studies, self growth. We are also eager to solve another big problem for people that use the technique of mind mapping and face difficulties when sharing their maps with colleagues or friends due to format incompatibility or other technical problems. MindMapPedia is exact place where you can submit your map and then easily the link to your map instead of sending the whole file.

Finally, what is MindMapPedia?
MindMapPedia is a worldwide library of mind maps, created by people like you, who are eager to share their work with others. First introduced in the 1960s by author and researcher Tony Buzan, these maps are a visual–and highly practical–way of representing knowledge. Today, people from all over the world, in all professions, are discovering the value of using mind maps to unlock creativity, generate new ideas, solve problems, and formulate plans. Business professionals, scientists, artists, students, teachers, and countless others use mind maps to uncover new knowledge, gain self-awareness, plan, strategize, write books, and even to increase their income.

I should become a part of MindMapPedia
because this will be your contribution to promoting and disseminating worldwide knowledge. We invite people from all over the world to share their knowledge and creativity with others who may benefit from it. In describing a thought process, exploring a topic, or finding a solution to a problem through the creation of visual maps, authors not only share their imagination, help others to solve their own problems, and inspire ideas, but in some cases even provide a window into genius for the rest of us to experience. In other words, when you participate, you not only find a worldwide forum for your own creative work, but even more importantly, you may enrich and improve the lives of others!