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Fred Pryor Seminars and Guerrilla Selling present...

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The Ultimate Sales Workshop by Fred Pryor Seminars Outline of content for \"The Ultimate Sales Workshop\" that is conducted by Fred Pryor Seminars. Really good seminar that provides a lost cost training solution for individuals or groups. Built with ConceptDraw MINDMAP, using multiple page capability with hyperlinks between pages. 
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Fred Pryor Seminars and Guerrilla Selling present...
The Ultimate Sales Workshop
Unit 1: Role of the Salesperson
The Characteristics of a Salesperson...1
Guerrilla Qualities of Guerrilla Sales People...2
Unit 2: Personality Styles
The Four Personality Styles...5
Selling to the Styles...6
Unit 3: Finding Prospects
Filling the Funnel: Finding the Right People...10
Opening the Door...11
Questioning Techniques...12
Cold Leads vs Hot Prospects...13
Unit 4: Delivering Your Sales Presentation
Structuring Your Presentation...16
Sending the Right Message...17
Receiving the Right Message...18
Unit 5: Closing the Sale
Handling Objections...19
Common Objections...20
Testing the Waters: Moving Towards a Close...21
Closing the Sale...22
Unit 6: Customers for Life
Growing an Account...23
Keeping Customers Happy for Life...24
Action Plan
Copyrighted 2006 Fred Pryor Seminars, a division of Park University Enterprises, Inc.
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Guerrilla Qualities of Guerrilla Sales People...2
They Are Fully Committed to Personal and Professional Excellence.
They know their product and are familiar with the full assortment of varieties and services.
They know their competition and understand how they measure up in Comparison.
They do what they say they will and are always available to act on these commitments.
They track and evaluate their performance and work on selling, not only successfully, but also consistently.
They are excited about their product and their company. and this excitement translates into militant optimism.
They manage their time well and wage their campaigns across all three primary fronts.
They have a solid tracking and follow-up system, understanding the sales cycle and remaining patient.
They stay positive and remain confident.
They constantly strive to get better, and they invest in themselves and their company.
"Ambition is so important to goal setting, courage, and persistence that having this one quality alone can almost guarantee that you will overcome every obstacle and difficulty that stands in your way." - Brian Tracy, Be a Sales Superstar
Copyrighted 2006 Fred Pryor Seminars, a division of Park University Enterprises, Inc.
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Opening the Door...11
Common Mistakes
Making in all about you
Spending too much time on your products and services
Offering solutions before you have uncovered needs
Selling during initial communication
A Better Way
Do your homework first.
Find out what their needs are.
Focus on how they will personally benefit.
Give examples of how other companies have benefited.
End with a question they can't say "no" to.
Get creative.
Old Script
"Hello, my name is Harold Myers with Proline Benefits Company. We have an award-winning line of employee benefit packages that lead the industry. Our medical insurance, disability, and 401 (k) plans are the best in the business. Would you like to stop by next Tuesday when I'm in your area to tell you more about our best-in-class line of products?"
New Script
Using Voicemail
Always leave a message
Be brief, customer-focused, and benefit-oriented.
Give your name and number at the beginning and the end.
Do the follow-up, rather than leaving it to them.
Getting Past the Gatekeepers
View them as team members, not as obstacles
Help them do their jobs.
Reference your referral source.
Connect with them personally.
Appreciate them sincerely.
Copyrighted 2006 Fred Pryor Seminars, a division of Park University Enterprises, Inc.