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How the community can get involved to make this a better mind map library

You our community are an important part of the map review process, it is our community that judges the quality of the map content, if postings are appropriate, and even to post back maps that were previously posted with edits and reworked content of your own. The repostings are tracked in relation to one another so the original poster and users of our community can see as an idea or process evolves and changes over time. MindMapPedia works with ideas and content to build a knowledge base of mind maps on the Internet.

We want to thank you for flagging that there is a potential issue with the content in one of the maps that are located here on MindMapPedia (or for letting know of some exceptional work you see here)!

Below is a brief overview on our flagging process

  • If you flagged a map by accident, we want you to know that it takes more than one flag from our community to affect a posting.
  • We remove about 5% of all MindMapPedia postings are removed through our communities feedback.
  • We find that 98-99% of postings removed are in violation of the MindMapPedia terms of use.
On we want to thank our user community, for taking the time to flag!

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MindMapPedia provides at no charge for users in our community to publish, review and reposting mind maps on the internet, the publishing of these knowledge maps is subject only to our Terms of Use.

Our flagging system allows our users to point out what they feel is an inappropriate post for the quick removal of objectionable material, while allowing individuals to express themselves within the law.

The flagging feature is located just to the right of each map posted:

please flag with care : [miscategorized] [prohibited] [spam] [discussion] [best of]
You can make use our flagging feature if you feel a post is inappropriate (spam, incorrectly categorized, prohibited material or discussion).

If a map that is posted receives enough negative flags from the community it will be removed (we count only one flag per person).

Individuals whose map postings are flagged on a repeated basis are subject to review by our staff and may be prohibited from posting future map material.

You also have the ability to vote for memorable maps postings for inclusion in "Best of MindMapPedia Collection".

Approximately 4% of all MindMapPedia postings are removed through input we receive from you our community, and we find that over 95% of the mind maps that have been removed have violated the terms of use or are outside of our posted guidelines.

Like in any democracy voting is not always perfect and there are times when we find that a small percentage of mind maps removed are within our terms of use - but without the flagging system in place the system would not be able to serve our community properly. Again the system is not infallible, but it works.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the process, please let us hear from you by visiting our feedback forum.

Maps that meet our guidelines and Terms of Use can be reposted, rewording may be necessary to confirm to guidelines and Terms of Use.

Still unsure how this process works? You can try our help desk discussion forum or send us an email.