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8 Step Problem Solving

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Mapping Toyota??ôs 8-Step Lean Manufacturing Methodology Lean Manufacturing is a core fundamental for businesses that focus on delivering a quality product to their customers, while minimizing production waste. Toyota has a variant of this called the 8-Step Process that is very popular because of its ease of implementation and success in the improvement of an existing process. The 8-Step methodology is a business philosophy that is a proven way to solve simple to complex issues that often vex companies. 
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8 Step Problem Solving
Clarify the problem
make sure you clearly state the problem and state how it ties to your unit mission
Breakdown the problem
identify performance gap; what is the current performance compared to desired performance
Set a target
what level of performance is desired and by when
Analyze the root cause
get to the level of cause that will ensure the problem does not recur
Develop countermeasures
identify what specific actions need to be taken to counter the root cause of the problem
See countermeasures through
follow-up and verify countermeasures are being applied.
Evaluate both results and process
make sure the countermeasures are providing the results predicted and desired
Standardize successful processes
share your successes with functionals, make the changes permanent.
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